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Upcoming Events

R3I workshop: Scientific Writing and Publishing with Impact
This workshop is formed to give participants an understanding of the principles and practice of successful scientific writing and publication and the tools to plan, write and publish scientific papers that can have an impact. Date: 27-28 January, 2015.


Wenxin Zhang will on February 6 defend his thesis "The role of biogeophysical feedbacks and their impacts in the arctic and boreal climate system".The thesis opponent is Assoc. Prof. Laxmi Sushama, Canada Research Chair in Regional Climate Modelling in Centre ESCER, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada.
Friday 6th of February, 2015, kl. 10
Världen auditorium, Geocentrum I

LUCCI Lunch Seminars

Interested in crossover research possibilities, or just curious what other people in LUCCI are up to? LUCCI is organising internal seminars on a friday lunch once a month, covering all WPs. There will be a short presentation on a live topic, followed by questions and discussions.
Date: Next seminar is hosted by WP 2, on 13th February. The presentation starts at 12.00. Welcome!


Newsletter December 2014

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Welcome to LUCCI!

Lund University Centre
for studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions

LUCCI is a research centre at Lund University devoted to studies of the carbon cycle and how it interacts with the climate system. The centre involves about 120 researchers from four Lund university departments: Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Geology,Biology and Physics.

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Latest news

New R3I-leaders

2015-01-14: The R3I group now has new leaders in Niklas Olén and Ylva Persson. They start their shared leadership immediately since former leader Claire McKay finished in the end of December. LUCCI members will soon hear more from Niklas and Ylva.

Niklas Olén Ylva Persson

Science outreach on milk cartons


In a somewhat unusal way of outreach Dr Margareta Johansson is currently reaching a good number of swedish people by appearing on the side of milk packages entitled "Job: Scientist".

The cartoon version of Margareta Johansson says " I became a scientist because I wanted to know more about what happens in the future" and "It's fun to work with to be curious and to contribute to solutions. My research is used by those in charge of environmental issues in order to be able to plan how we do when the climate changes". The milk carton also includes some general information, mainly aimed at young people, about permafrost, research and the Arctic.

Other Arctic related issues of milk packages are the "Guide to the North Pole" and the research vessel "Oden".

Se the milk packages (swedish)

source: Arla


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